Do you like new challenges? Do you want to start a business in the European Union, or are you just looking for a peaceful and safe place to live?In the following paragraphs we would like to convince you, why is Slovakia – with the capital city Bratislava the best choice for your company or for your life.


     Very big advantage of this country is its strategic location in the centre of Europe.


     Therefore if heard of Europe is your aim, you are in the right place. In consideration of the geomorphological division, Bratislava is located on the banks of the Danube and on the slopes of the Little Carpathians. Thanks to this the weather is stable in Bratislava – in four seasons as in whole Slovakia area. 

     Thanks to location of Slovakia we can talk about great export potency to neighboring countries. You can see on the Bratislava map that the capital city is adjacent to two states, so Bratislava is 1 hour from Vienna and 2 hours from Budapest. Definitely we can say that Bratislava is the entrance gate not only to Slovakia but also to the European Union.


     Bratislava is one of the youngest metropolises on the continent, but its history is measured in millennia.

     Bratislava was a crossroads of trade routes, a multicultural and multinational city for centuries. It gained the privileges of a free royal city in 1291. Also it became the Habsburg monarchs ́ coronation town in 16th – 19th century.

     Thanks to these events there are many old monuments. This attracts many tourists from abroad. From the first third of the 20th century, Bratislava has been the centre of political, economic and cultural life of Slovaks. Nowadays has a population of 417,389 and its area is 367,6 km2.


Economic and Political situation

     Slovakia is a member of European Union, which has accepted the EURO in 2009.

     Also is fastest growing Eurozone member within the last 10 years (CAGR). Special Bratislava is a very favorable environment for entrepreneurs and a safe investment thanks to its political and economic stability.

     Another advantage of setting up your company in Bratislava is a hard workforce according to OECD and the number of students with a university degree. According to the rapid development and interest in studying, the country is also thriving in the adaptation of new technologies and high innovation potential. International flights are beneficial for Bratislava business thanks to the main Slovak airport.


     Removal to Bratislava has many advantages. As a visitor you must see a lot of monuments, which are connected to the age of Queen Maria Terezia and her coronation: Bratislava Castle, St. Martin ́s Cathedral, Franciscan church. Hardly any city has so many architectonic jewels within such a small area as Bratislava: Mirbach ́s Palace, the Vice-Governor ́s Palace, Kutscherfeld Palace and Jesenák ́s Palace – create an attractive backdrop for the Main Square. We can write about many monuments situated in Bratislava however see for yourself is the best way of exploring.

     On the other hand, if you are not architectural lover, definitely you will be fascinated by many traditional restaurants of Slovak kitchen. Whereas you can visit restaurants with special Asian, Indian and Italian cuisine or shops where you can buy food from different countries of the world. Every year Bratislava Autosalon, Slovakia Ring – rally car racing and many adrenaline and music attractions are organized in Bratislava. You can choose to live in the center or in a quiet environment in the vicinity of Bratislava with complete infrastructure and good accessibility. Leave the formalities to us.

     We hope that we convinced you that Slovakia, with the capital city Bratislava, is the best choice for your next company or for your life thanks to great strategic location, fascinating history, economic and political stability, strong potential growthand many amazing monuments and tasty restaurants which are situated here.