We use our long-term experience to provide for you professional relocation services covered individuals, family or business relocation.

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Professional team NEXT LOCATION, with many years of experience in accounting and business law, will be happy to provide you with services to exactly suit your needs. Our experts will render assistance in business relocation and household re-settlement. 

Leave everything to us. We will make your moving as easy and successful as possible.  

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Business in Slovakia

In business relocation we will help you with Company registration, including translations of documents and other formalities, ready-made companies, accounting, nominee director, virtual office, residence permit, banking account.

Investment in Slovakia

Our  experts, with many years experience in accounting and business law, will be happy to provide you with services to exactly, suit you needs.

Profesional team of Next Location delivers to you:

  • Comprehensive solutions for cost saving
  • Highest level of business consulting focusing to EU market 
  • Open and management of the company in Slovakia

Special Offer

Are you considering relocation? Bring your family with you! We have a special offer for household re-settlement, company registration, formalities and translations, transport service, housing and accommodation, education and childcare, driving license and formalities, healthcare and health insurance and banking.

State investment assistance

  • Complete legal consulting services
  • Advice and consultation on state investment aid under the Slovak Act on Investment Incentives
  • Recruitment and selection and of new employees
  • Preparing all necessary documents and developing applications for investment assistance
  • Communication with providers of investment assistance and public institutions
  • Coordination of the entire co-funded project by the state

''Next Location is your smart solutions for your relocation ''

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